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Looking for a small 'CL' equivilant caravan site near Bordeaux?


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We're travelling to France in September with our touring caravan. Having lived in France for 4 years and come back to the UK we are really looking forward to finally getting round to visiting the Boreaux region  ( never quite got there properly whilst living in Charente Maritime!).

I was hoping that someone might recommend a good caravan site that would not be too crowded, outside of the big town so fairly rural.

Any feedback/recommendations much appreciated.


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You may also care to look at camping municipals in your chosen area.

If you don't already know these are basic camp sites run by the local village or small town. They normally offer basic toilets and showers which, again normally, are kept clean.

In September you'll find them fairly deserted and if you do find a bad one simply move on.

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