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Day Trip - France to Jersey


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Hi all,

I have to go to Jersey for the day with the car sometime during the next 3 weeks (not visited previously). Just wondering if anyone has done a day trip at this time of year and which ferry company did you use and any recommendations would be helpful.

Thanks Chris
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To the best of my knowledge, the only ferry operator at the moment between France and Jersey is Condor from St Malo. Their website is www.condorferries.co.uk. The fast craft takes less than an hour and the port in Jersey is only a ten minute walk from the centre of St Helier. There is a service from Granville but I think it only operates in the summer.

I'm not really sure whether it is worth taking a car to Jersey - it has good bus services which cover the whole of the island.

Condor often have day trip deals.

Another source of information is www.thisisjersey.com.

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