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A guest left a Sunday Mail newspaper here this week (just got around to reading it last night)and there was a full page advert from P&O stating in headlines "Direct to Britain"
Then goes on to say "Our routes Home etc"

They must obviously feel there is now a big need to advertise for deals the other way due to the sheer number of Brits now living abroad.

They offer Calais Dover for 138 euros each way for up to 9 people and the usual one that has been running for a while now, up to 50% off travel with them. Plus extra nights free in UK hotels.

On another page later on was an advert for "Reeling and a rocking" billed as the greatest 60's show ever :

Wayne Fontana, Dave Dee, Mike Pender, Brian Poole, Dave Berry, Tony Crane plus special guests, wait for it............The Nolans

"Greatest" wasn't the word that sprung to mind for me !!!

Coincidence or what, sorry P&O, tempting enough though it is, I shall have to resist until Xmas !!!



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Mmmh! If the prices are too good to be be believed at first , then it must ALSO be that the European Commission's investigation is coming to a conclusion and the ferry companies are preparing to claim mitigating circumstances by lowering their prices.
what is this called in legal terms?
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