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Ryanair Jan sale: flights from 99p

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Ryanair have a New Year sale at the moment, with many flights from UK to
France (and other destinations) at 99p each way (plus a bit  for airport
tax - I have just paid about £35 total for a return flight).

You have to book by 10 January midnight (I am not sure if that is midnight
tonight, Sunday 9, or midnight tomorrow Monday 10; probably the latter).
Flights can be taken between 17 January and 10 March, and you can travel any
day EXCEPT Sunday and Friday, by the look of it.

If you go to the French part of the site, there does seem to be an offer
starting from France, from 16.99 euros each way - can't see what
restrictions apply to that though...

Hope this might be useful to someone.


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[quote]Things must be bad for Ryanair - booking period for these cheap flights extended to midnight Thursday. John not[/quote]

Middle of last year a couple for friends got some 99p tickets (plus airport taxes, etc.) to come out and visit. I think that these are often available, though maybe RyanAir have just increased the number of cheap seats in each aircraft (and mayby the number of flights covered). Certainly 99p has always been available (just not on every filght and not all seats).
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