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Eurotunnel Frequent Travellers

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It's a shame they didn't publicise this before they terminated the POC scheme as they promised. LIke you I bought a large batch of POC tickets and had to cash in all my PointsPlus point so have enough tickets for the next 12 months.

Only real downside is that use of the Club check in isn't included and long weekend Fri morning to Sunday evening incur premia both ways which can take a weekend up to £130 instead of the old £95.


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Seems to be an improvement as far as I am concerned.

I get really ****ed off at schemes which are based on charging by the time between out and back legs - there is no impact whatever on costs to them whether I stay away for 5 nights or 7 or 15 so it is purely a scam. So I prefer something which is a bit more related to the market for the actual service.  I wish they had publicised it a bit earlier though as I had to buy a £250 return on Dec 15th for use December 21st/Jan 11th!

Comparing charges, I paid £710 total for 5 round trips plus "membership fee" under the old POC scheme for March 03 to March 04 which was £142 per round trip, so this is better at £390 minimum plus up to £300 supplements for peak dates and hours.  

My main complaint is that the requirement for 10 crossings a year is too high, we can justify 4 road trips a year but 5 is a bit much as we find the cost-effectiveness break point between driving and flying/renting a car is about 2 weeks.  

However even if we have to throw away one round trip because we can't fit it in, the cost per round trip will be between £97.50 and £172.50 so it is better than any of the regular fares. What it does do is force me not to buy until the last moment before the first journey. I suspect it will work out at £147.50 per trip for 4 journeys, as we can avoid the peak DAYS but travelling outside the peak HOURS (departure at 0400 is a bit of a stretch!) it is better than the old rate.   

I would still support Speedferries if possible (did 2 round trips summer 04 with them) but unfortunately the extra time in and out of Dover plus fewer and slightly longer and less reliable crossings than the tunnel, means that our journey time to Vaucluse (84) is stretched just that bit too much 12 to 14 hours door to door is just about tolerable, 14 - 16+ starts to be excessive. 



also posted with your message on the general travel topic

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Have you tried Transmanche ferries which travel out of Newhaven to Dieppe?  They are more of a transport ferry than passenger, and the more you travel with them, the better discount you get.  My Husband has been paying around £60 for a 3-4 day return and is due for a reduction again soon.

You can also get a cabin on board for about a tenner apparently.  We used them to go back to the UK for Christmas - the beds were clean and and the rooms (in comparison with Brittany ferries) were huge.  If you don't mind the non-plush surroundings - give em a go i say !

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