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Brittany Ferries

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I don't like the spiralling costs of crossing the channel from our neck of the woods (Saint Malo)but we have paid recently £129 for a 5 day return trip to Portsmouth, now it simply is not economic for us to go all the way to Boulogne to get a £50 return to the Uk with speedferries.

For the £79 difference we save the long drive (around 6 hours or so) plus fuel costs from here and that is of course each way. When we get off the Speedferries fast craft, we then have to go all the way to Chichester in West Sussex and that is no fun from the Kent coast !

Speedferries are not all things to all men but sure, they are OK for those who think the drive to that area of the UK is no problem and I guess from many places in France as well,  but not for us in Brittany, well not us anyway !

Agreed that is for this time of year, later on the price difference will be much greater but then we normally have no need to travel to the UK.


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