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Ferry Crossings

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I don't know if it is just me but Brittany Ferries seems to have become very expensive over the last year. We have travelled on all the boats now, the Val de Loire is my husbands favourite as it offers a choice of bars, the Pont Avon is nice but nothing really special.  we travelled overnight mostly and I always felt that the cabins were expensive considering you were only in them for a short time and there was no property owners club discount on them.  If like us you travel 8 - 9 times a year the crossing looses its magic.  We have now moved to France and will be travelling the other way, in addition we will not have to make our way back from the British ferry ports to Devon so we are trying Speed Ferries next time, much cheaper, £70 return in summer, only £142 for a 3 week return for large van, 50mins crossing so hoepfully spend much less on the ferry itself and the children shouldn't get board. It may be a case of you get what you pay for but I know people who have used them and have been very happy.
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