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Brittany Ferries offer

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After having to cancel our planned trip of this weekend we are going to rebook using this deal, this time St Malo is included which it wasn't on the last one (or the times didn't fit) but its the Val de Loire - not my favourite boat

(And if I can ever find 'What to wear' we will try a weekend in Paris too !!)

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Nothing the other way Will ?

Gay, what is wrong with the Val de Loire  ? Tina says they don't have comfortable lounges but the bar, restos and cabins are good enough for me !

The worse ferry for comfort has to be the P&O's Pride of Bilbao. Being set up for the long  journeys e'g Bilbao, it had no great need for comfortable lounges. It was all down to cabins and frequenting the bars and restos.



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No Miki - it's Britain to France only.

Interesting point about the Val de Loire. Like the Pride of Bilbao, it was originally built as a Baltic cruise ferry (all sleeping and boozing) and both were subsequently chartered for the Spanish run. So there are a lot of similarities. I'd agree that, on the VdL at least, the bar is the most comfortable place, not counting the antics of certain fellow passengers.

I'm off on the Pont Aven from St Malo tomorrow which will be interesting; that was built specifically for the long voyages like Spain and Ireland. Got to get a ride on it before it goes back to Plymouth.

My theory is that the smaller the ferry (within reason) the more comfortable it can be. I much prefer the lounges and restaurant on the Normandie to the Mont St Michel, though the latter rides much better in dodgy weather. The two old P&O Cherbourg ships (the original Pride of Cherbourg and the Pride of Hampshire) were tatty old things but very comfortable. The only time I have done the Spanish run was on BF's Quiberon in the 80s. By modern standards that's a mere boat, but it was very comfortable then, even though it became a dreadful tub in its last years with BF.

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I would like to go on the new boats ! ( I have been on Mont St Michel once, when it was new enough for the top bunk still to be a well kept secret)

We really did like the Bretagne - I have been on the Val de Loire but I think it was on a Caen crossing late at night - not much time to look round.

Sorry as I am about P & O I am always more likely to be sick on a P & O than BF, no idea why, just one of those things

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We came back from St malo on the Pont Aven just after new year. It was a very rough crossing which I quite enjoyed though MOH hated it. Had a commodore cabin which was very impressive - own balcony and everything. The restaurant is extremely well laid out (unlike the Val de Loire) and the cocktail bar is quite pleasant. The self service restaurant and main bar are absolutely enormous and I would hate to think what they would be like with a full compliment of "booze cruisers".

Interesting thing was the catering staff seemed totally unprepared for the entirely predictable change in ship's motion as we rounded the Cherbourg peninsula - there was crockery, glasses and lifejackets flying all over the place!.  

As somebody said on another thread I do think the standard of the food on Brittany Ferries is falling. Less choice on the Buffet - the seafood is definitely not as fresh. On our crossing there was no cheese available !!

Let us know what you think of it.




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Just booked on-line for a 24-hour - it was £60 (including Property Owners' discount) including 4-berth cabins each way. I think it's the Mont St Michel again.

I agree with you about the food - on our last crossing there wasn't even unlimited orange juice at breakfast, the waiter brought you 'a' glass. A long way from the old buffet breakfasts of just 18 months or so ago.

I've never booked on-line before, so I've never got a breakdown of component prices. There was no figure for discount - is that normal? I was also surprised that cabins cost only £12.50 on daytime crossings.
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