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condor easter pricing, cant beat it on the south coast

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i really admire the guys at condor, whilst everyone bitches on about p&o and the flack brittany get for excessive fares, they continue to offer good fares, great services and a cracking membership club.

just booked myself, the wife and two kids over for easter with their services from weymouth to st. malo, works out at £234 less my 20% discount for being a member of their frequent traveller club it becomes £187 - not forgetting the savings on driving to the other side of the country for a ferry or the time saved on the other side of the channel., plus real duty free (going via channel islands means no eu rulings).

i use their services from Poole and Weymouth, into the brilliant town of st.malo - not many french ports boast an enchanting little town at the port.

lets hope they continue to forge ahead on the south coast and take over the brittany ferries route from poole to cherbourg. especially as they already have their vessel operating on it, their staff manning it and sailing the vessel for brittany!!!!! brilliant stuff condor - keep it up!!!

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