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Are Brittany Ferries telling members of the Property Owners Club that certain sailings are full so they can offer them to full-fare paying customers? I ask this because I recently made more than one enquiry for the same sailing, once as a member of the POC and once not as a member, and discovered that when I was a POC member prime-time sailings were fully booked (even for foot passengers) and when I was not a member of the POC the same sailing was not fully booked. Are Brittany Ferries being honest with POC members?
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As stated on another site. I contacted B.F. several times about the various prices quoted for the same trip. From Customer Care,no reply. I usually make 2 phone calls, homeowners Plymouth. Paris main booking and via website. All give different prices for the same trip. On a 2 day Cherbourg -Poole return ,I was quoted 314E, on pointing out that they were supposed to be doing a 3 day special,AH. 154E. When I asked B.F. why they don't offer the French side a 24hr return, I was told too many people abused the offer and didn't return!! On pointing out that they charge non-returners the full fare,so it was no loss to them anyway.I didn't get a response.

A bit annoying when they offer 24 hrs in France,on even the Portsmouth- St.Malo route for £39. car + 2..

Having done the trip several times in the last few weeks and seeing how packed the boat was, I suppose that answers the question.

In reply to the above ,I have just been told that my next trip is full,only full price fares can be booked?

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