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Norfolkline - special offer "for ex Hoverspeed customers"

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Norfolkline are running a special offer supposedly for "ex Hoverspeed customers" until 31st May between Dover and Dunkerque for travel to 31st December 2006.

Car (up to 2.4m) plus up to 9 occupants for £15 each way between 11pm and 7am or £25 each way between 7am and 11pm. There is a £10 supplement for travel between 13th to 24th April, 26th May to 5th June, 14th July to 11th September and 20th - 30th October (the school holidays!!).

Website is www.norfolkline-ferries.com and enter special offer code HS2.

I booked a return during the school holidays at the end of May/early June for £70 - by far the cheapest I could find.

Norfolkline have 2 new ships in service now which from personal experience I can say are very good indeed although the older craft are still operating which are a little less enjoyable. The crossing time is now reduced from 2 hours to 1 hour 45 mins.

I've no connection with Norfolkline other than as a happy customer.[:)]

A bientot!

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