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Taking parents to court for money


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Yes. I kept very quiet about this. [;-)][6][:P]

The cut off age is 26, but before that age there's an entitlement to a certain level of income (from your parents, all you teens who are looking in).

I have no idea what the level of income is, though.

I'm sure many, or even most parents help their (adult) children out voluntarily, but [Www]


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I don't know about the percentage of  young people who do obtain a "pension alimentaire" from their parents, or how much this is implemented/enforced.

But given that it is, in theory, possible, that is probably the logical reason why a young person cannot obtain RMI (Revenu Minimum d'Insertion), before aged 26.

In practice, it does mean that there are more and more under-26's who, for various reasons, have left "home" (sometimes very little choice in the matter!), are living on friends' floors, in the streets, and have absolutely no means of support. In organisations like "Banque Alimentaire", "Restos du Coeur", "Secours Catholique" and "Secours Populaire" - which provide food parcels and meals for the most destitutes, every year one can see an annual increase of under-26's. Beyond age 26 they can usually claim RMI -  up to 420 euros per month, i.e. survival level. Under 26 they have nothing at all, and have to live by their wits.

I believe there might be very few who are in a position to get alimony from their parents - of course, much depends on the parents'  own situation.

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