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Eurotunnel frequent traveller

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I always feel a bit peeved when I have to pay an extra £20 on top of the Frequent Traveller price just to have a Eurotunnel crossing at an appealing time of day.  But I must say when out of idle curiosity I pretended I *wasn't* a FT yesterday and checked the "normal" price of the single crossing that I had just booked with the FT scheme  I was amazed when I saw it quoted as £199 for a single journey!

Can one buy a fresh batch of Frequent Traveller tickets at any time, or is it only in December that they offer them?  I think the original outlay was £390 for 10 single crossings - to be taken as and when one chose during the year.


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You can buy them at any time in blocks of 10 singles, price is still £390.00.

My renewal time is June but I obviously leave it until I need to travel in order to get the longest widow in which to use them, as my house is 800 miles from Calais, I cannot just pop over for the weekend.

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[quote user="montagrier"]is this for the crossing with a car or as a foot passenger?

Does anyone travel from London to the south west of france on train...

If so any prices of details would be useful..


Eurotunnel is for crossing with a car, Eurostar is travelling as a passenger from London to Paris/Lille and changing to SNCF. Eurostar and Eurotunnel are two totally separate companies. Either the Rail Europe site or the SNCF site will give you details of rail prices. These will depend upon the speed of the train, the time of day, the season and how far ahead you book, so it's quite difficult to give price comparisons.

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