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£10 24 hour trips with Brittany Ferries

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I remember when we lost Miki once before, and we really missed him, so wouldn't want him to go away while on a murder charge (neither would we want to lose any other users through being killed by him, though I guess one or two might not be missed). So, the code for the West Sussex offer is E06WG4.

As I have a copy of the ad in front of me right now, these are the T&Cs in brief:

Book by 30 Sept; travel up to 13 Nov 2006.
£10 per person, offer covers minimum of two travelling together.
Standard car (5m long, 1.83m high) £25 return extra (taller and/or longer car an extra £20, max length 6m, no trailers or caravans)
Motorcycle£15 return, bicycle £5 return.
Any combination of routes and times to give up to 24 hours in France.
Overnight crossings - free seat (subject to availability), standard cabins up to half price.

Bookings must be made by credit/debit card (extra charge made for credit card, none for debit card), no cancellation or amendment allowed, if either portion of journey not used, card will be charged with full single fare. Book online www.brittanyferries.co.uk/e06wg4 or by phone 08705 360360.

There is no reference in the advertisement to showing the original advertisement at check-in, as implied by the reference to the Torquay offer on the website link in my original post, so presumably this one is open to anybody.

I understand that there frequently similar and better offers in the Poole and Bournemouth local papers - if anybody sees details of these, perhaps they could post them here too?


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Best or best value ?

If it's the best then no one can beat one of Olivier Roellinger's places, to salivate go to :  http://www.maisons-de-bricourt.com/index-english.htm

Best restos as in good value, good meal, well as ever I would say,

Le Surcouf http://www.lesurcouf.fr/   The food is excellent and if you can handle their site you might get an idea !

Le Querrien : http://www.le-querrien.com/htm_eng/restaurant.asp 

and of course La Cancalais..

When we couldn't even find anywhere to park in Cancale at lunchtime just a few weeks ago, we went to  Maison Tirel Geurin at Gare de la Gouesnière near St Meloir des Ondes, so justa  few minutes from Cancale :  http://www.tirel-guerin.com/en/default.asp

Although not in Cancale, I guarantee you will not be disappointed there ! Can't wait for an excuse to go back again !......compared to London (and probably country wide by now !) prices are extremely reasonable.

Sorry about the URL's thought they would work but they appear not to have, any ideas what this puter irriot is doing wrong?

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I have made the links clickable, cut & paste the link, highlight it, click on the 'chain' icon in the grey bar above (2nd from the right) then when a little box pops up click on OK.

Thanks - we have stayed at La Querrien before and like it, and I think we like the Cancalais too - can't wait !

Think I'll save Roellingers for a longer stay and a special treat !


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Russethouse: I am quoting from the Vouchers: "The advertisements collectd (originals only) are to be presented for fare validation at the passenger terminal or vehicle check-in immediately prior to embarkation". So it looks like you need three of them, but I think it does not matter if the papers are bought all on the same day.

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I may be being dull here but this looks exactly the same as the 24 hour offer on the BF website. So why the need for vouchers or password?

 Max time allowed in France is actually 29 hours - you need to take the first ferry available after the 24 hours is up. For example Friday night 8.30 Portsmouth - St Malo, Sunday Morning Caen Portsmouth 9.00 with 4 berth cabin out is c£110 and gives a full Saturday in France. Also available is early Saturday ferry out of Portsmouth to Caen and 5.00 Sunday back - quoting £58 for this at present. Should point out that those fares are with Property Owners discount but you don't get the free breakfast.

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I think that using the vouchers the trip with car is £10 + £10 + £25 - £45. The website offer is £20 + £20 + £25 - £65. You may get discount for Property Owners etc. Also - these are currently available after the voucher offer expires. You can get 29 hours going out Sun pm from Poole and back Mon night from Cherbourg.

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I'm going in November: Portsmouth - St Malo with cabin arrive Saturday morning, will spend the day shopping, lunching (Cancale) and sightseeing, back on the boat Saturday evening, cabin. Total £109.

 Its a short trip and my husband isn't keen to do a lot of driving, in fact as I think I will be driving solo in France next year I will probably drive (watch out Miki & Gastines! [8-)])

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Now sending out the newspaper offer (last Friday) to email mailing list subscribers. Early Saturday morning to Caen and back Sunday afternoon now £45 - almost back to the Duty Free era.

You can subscribe here:


or I can forward the email if required - Brittany Ferries invite you to do so which is nice of them!

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