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Has Eurostar website changed?

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[8-)]I've travelled a fair bit from Poitiers to Waterloo, via Lille, booking the Eurostar service for 99 euros return from the net here in France.

For some reason now, the site won't accept my searches and booking, and am having great difficulty accessing for booking France to UK and return, not UK to France.  I've had great service on this route so far, with tickets posted out with no problems, and am loath to find an alternative, as normally so reliable.  I've had no luck getting a response from their e-mail service.

Any ideas??!!

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I  noticed a short while ago that one of Windoze/MS's updates changed the Windoze/MS pop-up protection quite radically - it suddenly became a lot more exigent. If you were not aware of why this was happening it might appear that you were not able to access sites in the same way you had previously.


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