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Eurotunnel shareholder reductions

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This may be common knowledge but if you buy 1000 eurotunnel shares you get 30% off all bookings - wouldn't usually be worth it but due to overall financial situation, 1000 shares will only cost you 230 quid, which could still be cost effective even if the company goes belly up in a couple of years. Theoretically you have to have held them for 3 months but they gave me the discount straight away.

As we travel at peakish times this has more than paid for itself in 18 months.

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[quote user="01gringo"]

Does this discount apply to all offers?

I'm a frequent traveller, would I get 30% of this?



According to the published rules: " Eligible shareholders are entitled to a 30% discount on standard long or short stay tickets for three return or six single car journeys per year fares and does not apply to promotional offers or FlexiPlus Fares."

You will often find the discounted or special fare offers are better value. I certainly would not buy Eurotunnel shares for just the travel discount.


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The perk only applies to those who held 1000 shares prior to the recent share exchange offer and tendered their shares in it, or to those who buy 30,000 now.

See para 22.1.4 of the Registration Document of the exchange offer.


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I'm not a shareholder and haven't read the blurb but was told by one who is and has that he thought about this before accepting the replacement paper from the company and decided to keep the original shares. OK, he may never get anything back on the shares but at least he will still qualify for the ticket deals. It was his view that those who accepted the swap could lose out both ways.

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