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Norfolkline - Scotland/Belgium

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When Norfolkline resurrected the Rosyth - Zeebrugge route following Superfast's withdrawal, a single fare to Zeebrugge was slightly less than a return with P & O in to Hull so for the sake of an extra few hours drive it was worth going to Hull (particularly when you get in some 5-6 hours earlier than Norfolkline).  However have just booked our September return trip with Norfolkline - its only £30 more than going from Hull and that more than covers the extra fuel.  Can live with not getting down in to the Auvergne until later in the day as its less than an hour from home to ferry, a huge bonus after driving back up to Zeebrugge.

Has anyone used this service lately as we are wondering what the food is like.  P & O buffet dinner was always quite good.[:P]

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