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Flybe stopped flying to Brest?

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It is no big surprise that Flybe have pulled the plug on their Brest routes as many have reported flights only being half full or less. The official answer is that they will consider reintroducing it again next summer but that isn't really all that likely. Don't forget that Ryanair also tried using Brest and pulled out.

The Rennes to Southampton flights that Flybe operate are, on the other hand, much more successful. Many flights are full or almost full and it seems they don't have too much trouble reaching that magic 80% of capacity figure. Not surprising really as Rennes is an important place and a large number of French people also use the flight for business trips etc.

I guess with no flights from Brest, only one ferry crossing per week from Roscoff this winter, and a reduced number of TGV services from Morlaix / Brest, the British residents of this corner of Brittany are starting to feel a little isolated !
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The flights to Birmingham to Brest are definitely continuing all year round although there is only 1 flight in / out each week during the winter.

I think someone posted a few weeks ago that the Southampton service was just suspended for the winter.

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