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BF Booking Website problems

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Is anyone else singularly unimpressed with the BF website? I've encountered the following problems:

  • I enter all the information required and it comes up with a blank booking screen for me to use all over again . Every %£$*@ time......

  • I click on the radio button for an available crossing and then when it goes to the next page it says that crossing is full and presents me with an exact copy of the previous page with that particular crossing now unavailable

  • The websitedesigners haven't programmed in, that if you are crossing at some time in the future, you are likely to return after today's date and you have to change the month of return crossing every time (durrr...)

  • If I hit the New Quotation button, nothing happens and I eventually have to return to the home page and go through the whole thing again with all the errors above.

They used to have a Property Owners' Site in which you could store various combinations of crossing so that you could compare. Does that still exist?

Any idea who to contact about all these moans?

PS I was hugely disappointed to find the 4th August Portsmouth to St Malo crossing fully booked. If anyone out there cancels, could they let me know?!

[email protected]


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The BF website has evolved and some things are better and others are not so good.  There clearly is more work to be done on it. I agree that it isn't too helpful when you are trying to book crossings at a busy time when some crossings may be full. Unfortunately for you, the last week of July and first two weeks of August are probably their busiest weeks of the year and Friday nights are the busiest of nights. Also, the Portsmouth to St. Malo route is the most popular route. If you aren't too fixed on which day you travel, try the Saturday night crossing from Portsmouth as there is usually hardly any freight on ferries arriving on Sunday mornings due to the driving restrictions for lorries.

At one point early last year, BF did launch a trial "flash" booking engine running at the same time as the old one, which had it worked, might have been much better. Unfortunately there were a lot of problems with it and it was almost impossible to use with a dial up connection so was abandoned.

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