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LD Lines, a personal appraisal.............


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We have just returned from a week in the UK and used LD Lines (Le Havre-Portsmouth) return.

The total cost for the return trip, including a cabin one way was £116.00. We had a single cabin and found it adequate for two as you have a settee as well as a good-sized single bed. (larger people may fing it cramped and the shower was small.)

The boat was clean, the crew were very helpful and the food was good.

They have fitted some new 180 degree (flat) recliners which look an acceptable option if there are no cabins available.

All in all an excellent service and not in any way expensive. Brittainy wanted £260.00 for the same trip.


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We have been using LD Lines since they took over the route and have always found them to offer a reasonable service for the price paid.  The cabins are small but clean and we only want to sleep, not hold a party [:D]  The breakfast is good and the ship always arrives in Le Havre on time.  Sometimes they are a little late into Portsmouth as they seem to have to wait and let BF berth first [:@]  The crew are helpful and friendly.



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