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S of France to Majorca

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Yes. I'm aware of that possibility...  our problem is that we will be in the Vaucluse: we have the possibility of going to Mallorca in a friend's boat maybe from Nice, but can't figure out how to get back!  Maybe have to leave our car in Nice, get a ferry back to Barcelona, rent a a car from there and leave it in Nice.  However rental in Spain and leaving in France tends to be pretty expensive! I did find a "cheap flight" connection from Palma to Marseille on BA,  which turned out to be via Gatwick!



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There used to be and still may be a ferry service from Sete to the Balearics and North Africa. I know the African services still run. so it could be worth checking. No other details I'm afraid, but a web search may bring something to light.
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