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ryan air check in

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If getting real means that 'things move on' then I would rather stay unreal.

Closing Post Offices, banks, shops and opting for call centres etc is that really 'moving on'

Likewise the demise of the airport check-in desk for me falls in that category.

All for the sake of corporate profits.

I will admit catching a 1 hop flight with no connections it would probably be easier to check-in online.

However as a frequent flyer (30+ a year)  often several connections online check-in is really not an option I wish to take.

Of course I realise like Canute I stand no chance but the Meldrew in my refuses to go away.

As for the man with the red flag I would have thought that he would cause unemployment by less usage of fuel tyres etc...maybe you should researh a little better.


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