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Ryanair Tours... no bookings from September onwards


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Ryanair are currently blocking all bookings to or from Tours after the end of August.

Its supposedly about the local council delaying payments that Ryanair says are now overdue.

The council says that Ryanair have acted precipitously and the money should be paid by mid August.

I guess we will have to wait and see.

However it's also a symptom of the long running tensions between the airline and the authority which faces growing budgetary pressure, and an electorate which is becoming increasing dubious of subsidising  foreign visitors.




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[quote user="bubbles"]Thought for a minute there that Ryanair were starting to offer tours![/quote]

So did I - my mind was going in to overdrive thinking about all the additional charges that would be levied whilst on the tour:

Oh, you are a minute late for breakfast, if you do want to eat there will be an additional £10 charge

Oh, you want a window on the scenic day trip that will be an additional £20 charge

A bed - sorry that it an extra charge but only £30 per night per person

Yes, you only paid for luggage to be carried on the aircraft not the coach that will be an extra £100 per bag for the tour


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