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LD Lines Portsmouth - Le Havre Suspended

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Caught the tail end of a news item this morning - looks like the Norman Arrow hit a buoy on the way into Portsmouth over the weekend and service is currently suspended.  I understand the extent of the damage (if any) is unknown and there was no mention of when service might be resumed.
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Yes, the news was on BBC South a couple of days ago, and LD Lines finally published a timetable amendment yesterday. The ship actually collided with a pile at Le Havre (pile of what? [;-)] ), not Portsmouth. It was mentioned here, but tacked on to the end of the LD Lines Boulogne topic, because at about the same time one of the Boulogne ships had suffered an engine failure.

Not LD Lines' week - shades of the former Transmanche management.

This is what the casualty report about the Norman Arrow reportedly said:

"..Norman Arrow, suffered an impact with a pile at Le Havre. Three holes in

shell plate in way of forward engine room. Forward engine room is

flooded as is engine and gearbox. Bow damaged also but not as bad.

Repairs to be made in Dunkerque as soon as possible."

If an engine room was flooded then the engine and transmission will probably have to have to be dismantled and checked. There will probably be water damage to the various auxiliary systems too. Because these ships are made of aluminium, then specialised welding will be needed, under marine classification society survey (Det Norske Veritas in this case). Not just any old ship repair yard can carry out such work. So the ship looks likely to be out of service for several weeks.

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LD Lines appear to have cancelled the Arrow's sailings for the rest of the season.

That might well mean it has sailed it's last trip from Portsmouth to Le Havre, IF the larger capacity of the Norman Leader actually arrives early next year.....


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[quote user="goose"]I am just pleased we didn't book this for our next trip out on Tuesday. We are travelling through the tunnel as usual, it is cheaper and we get to our house in Charente Maritime earlier than if we got the hight speed ferry !![/quote]

We always use the Ferry as, it is cheaper!

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