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I've had no information to say that it won't, but the company does make a habit of changing its ships and routes at will. It would not surprise me if another home was not found for the Norman Arrow once the new ship enters service - always assuming the new ship actually travels the route for which it was designed, which seems far from certain.


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LD did say that the Arrow would return and run in tandem with the Leader. As Will says, there has been much speculation as to whether the Leader would ever put in an appearance on Portsmouth-Le Havre, but they have included it in their booking engine wef the end of April.

However with that update in place its perhaps surprising that they haven't at the same time included the Arrow's crossings.

The speculation is that they are deciding whether to use the displaced Alabtre or the Arrow to support the Leader. At least Albatre could provide a year round service unlike the Arrow.

I can't see how it can possibly make financial sense to have a Fastcast which is used twice a day for a maximum of 6 months of the year.

I guess it will all depend on whether they can find someone willing to take on the Arrow and thereby let them off the financial hook.
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