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Cost of going back


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I never used to have to think about the options of going back for Christmas, there was always the plane or the boat from many different places. Now the options are much reduced, going back seems to be in the region of £600 for me boat or plane. I cannot believe how many plane companies are just not going from this end now or within a couple of hours. I was going to use Dinnard Leeds and Brad but that is not showing.

Does anyone have any idea how to get from 29 near Roscoff to anywhere north of Birmingham that will not involve mega expense.

The boat at Roscoff includes overnights (more expense) and seem much reduced than before.

Maybe a long drive is necessary.


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LD Lines La Havre or Condor Cherbourg/Portsmouth are usually cheaper. There is Citijet to London Docklands but very very expensive from Brest and Quimper. Otherwise no idea apart from the obvious local crossing from Roscoff as the last time I took a ferry was in 98 and the last time I went to the UK by plane locally was in 2007. This end of Bretagne is not an easy place to get to the UK from apart from BF and certainly not to London which is nearest for me.My daughter and her boyfriend are forsaking their cars and coming foot passengers from Plymouth for the New Year as the cost is prohibitive for just four days but as they live in the west country its the most practical crossing.
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