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Lapsed club voyage membership - Brittany Ferries

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We let our membership to Brittany Ferries lapse, September 2012. We are considering rejoining but feel aggrieved that we have to pay the registration fee again. Has anybody had any luck at getting this waived? Otherwise I think another company may get our custom!

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Have you considered phoning them and talking it over? 

 Some years ago when it was still called The Property Owners' Club I was very late remembering to renew our membership but when I phoned and apologized and explained that we had been 'loyal members' for a number of years etc etc they were very  understanding and accepted my belated renewal there and then by phone and I was not penalised. Our membership renewal date did remain as originally though , so in fact for that year we had fewer months for our annual fee , if you see what I mean - but it was well worth that for the reductions we were able to have on our crossings in those remaining months.

May be worth a try,  sometimes we get so used to doing things on line we forget that a real word with a real person sometimes works better..

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