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Cork to Roscoff


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We are thinking of taking the long way round when we visit our house in Burgundy in September - via Ireland! Would like to go from Cork to Roscoff on the Pont Aven Brittany Ferries ship.

Does anyone have experience of this route and if so, any advice on which sort of cabin to plump for and is it better to choose one on a higher deck?

It is ages since we took a ferry as we normally take shuttle so memories consist of hearing vehicles clanking about on car deck through the night.

As usual, any help very gratefully received.
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I always feel a bit nervous when I find I have a cabin below the waterline, so I would go for one on a higher level if possible.

Here are details of the ship


In answer to the question

Can I request a certain cabin / deck number?

The answer is:

We do not currently offer the ability to specify a particular cabin or deck number when booking on our website. This can be arranged if you contact our reservations team on 0871 244 0744.

I guess if you take the precaution of booking an "outside cabin", which seem to have portholes, this would guarantee you were not down in the bowels of the ship...


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We use Brittany Ferries and I think you'll find these days that they are very comfortable and stable ships.

We normally plump for a 4 berth outside cabin but for the use of two passengers only. This way top bunks are strapped against the wall and you both get the bottom bunks and more space.

We have also had cabins in the bowels of the ship and for just an overnight sleep (Portsmouth to St Malo) we don't mind. In place of the porthole you have a long mirror.

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Our son & DIL travelled Roscoff-Cork last Summer on the PA.

As you probably know, there's just one weekly round trip and the Ireland - France leg is probably better in that you leave late afternoon and arrive first thing in the morning. It's a nice ship, for many the best in the fleet.

We were on it a year ago on a Pompey - St Malo crossing. We had a de luxe cabin, which was very comfortable, but not everybody would want to splash out in that way and I believe that the prices are quite steep for the better cabins on the Irish run.

Perhaps the best advice is to go for the best you can afford.
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We've travelled on the Pont Aven for a couple of return journeys - Portsmouth/St Malo and Plymouth/Santander.  It's an absolutely huge ship (for a ferry) and really feels more like a cruise ship.  It's progress through the water does feel different to the other ferries we've been on in that it feels more like a corkscrew motion when the swell is up.  Not bad, just different.  The main thing that we didn't like is the very noticeable smell of diesel fumes on the lower decks, including where the cabins are.  It was a very nice boat and up to the usual standard of BF service and food.  I agree with the other comments about getting the best cabin you can for what you want to pay.

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