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Report in Le Monde about EU borders partly opening to visitors from other countries

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I am an awfully long way from the Midlands or Bournemouth, and frankly IF I had my way, I would have had a permanent mark put on everyone's forehead as they were leaving that beach, young / old and inbetween, don't care, and if they turn up a hospital with that mark, just send them home.

That they don't care about their own health is their choice that they are acting like  those rats in during the black death, is quite another......

Their choice, let them get on with it......... this is not a health/addiction problem either, like smoking, or drugs or drink..... sale narcissists the lot of 'em.

Am I mad about this...... you bet I am.

Will I be travelling, not yet, things will need to be a lot different before I am.

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alittlebitfrench wrote:

“I am not happy that the UK is allowed back in.

The scenes in Bournemouth ?

You are having a laugh.


Did you miss seeing the counterparts of those flocking to Bournemouth in various towns and cities enjoying La Fete de la Musique?:


Would you advise that French visitors to the UK ought to be told #notofrance?

I was also appalled at the scenes of crowded beaches, but we’re told that large crowds out in the open are in less danger than being crowded indoors.

It remains to be seen whether or not there will be spikes of infection 10-14 days after La Fête de la and events this week at beaches in the UK.
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A number of points GG.

1) France has had Covid under control for the last month. The UK has not. It is still spreading.

2) The French (on the whole) are still respecting the rules. The UK population does not. Or have never done.

3) The French government has had leadership and control over its population, the UK government has not.

4) No one in their right mind in the EU would travel to the UK this year.

The UK should not be allowed into France this year. End of full stop.

I want my kids to go back to school in September.

Lastly, I am glad I don't live in the Dordogne.
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Talking about leadership, Boris Johnson said this yesterday:

"You may think you’re not going to get it and you’re immortal and invincible and so on. And very likely that’s true, particularly if you’re a young person.But the bug you carry can kill elderly people particularly"

I think that is an appalling message to give out - it's as if he's saying to the young people, "We all know there's nothing for you to worry about and you would be able to do what you wanted if it wasn't for having to protect the old fogeys, it's a nuisance but there it is".

As if the nation wasn't divided enough without adding a young/old conflict as well.

And this, for someone who spent a week in intensive care.

I am surprised the EU is happy to let the Brits back in, the daily new cases are still so high that there is a fair chance that sooner or later someone will take a virus in and spread it around.

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[quote user="alittlebitfrench"]

Lastly, I am glad I don't live in the Dordogne.[/quote]

Er.....I don't understand this remark, ALBF[8-)]

The figures from la Dordogne, latest ones, published yesterday are as follows:

Total deaths since the beginning of the pandemic 13
Total people in hospital 12
Total en réanimation 0
Number of clusters (in NOA, not only Dordogne) 0

I think those numbers are pretty damn good[:)]

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@ mint

The Dordogne is a very very popular (if not the most popular) destination for holidaying Brits in France.

It is just logic that the Dordogne could become a hotspot.

I would keep your mask handy when going out. Lol.

It will be interesting to see how it affects the Dordogne.

It only takes one person on BF with covid to infect quite a few others.....as the ALBF family learnt the hard way in Feb.
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As I have pointed out Wolly, Covid is under control in France with just minor clusters which are being tracked so it is unlikely to spread on beaches or whatever.

In the UK, Covid is not under control. The virus is still spreading.

1000 passengers on Brittany Ferries on three sailings a day to Caen, Le Harve, etc etc throughout July and August the virus will spread on the boat (like on cruise ships) and then into France.

Then it is goes to tourist spots, hotels, gîtes, campsites...supermarkets...and into the general population.

You know, some owners of a Brit Gîtes in France that accommodates British clientele are going to catch the virus. Then after changeover, the next clientele will catch it. And so on.

I tell you, France cannot economically afford another lockdown. There is already a lost generation of kids with little chance of finding work. You don't want another.

In terms of my kids, they have done 1 week schooling since February. They need to go back to school in September.

It is OK for you retired folk, but for working families this is becoming serious.

This is mad, mad, mad.

I am furious about it.

I need to go to the UK but I won't. Why can't those in the UK do the same ? Stay at home. You hate Europe anyway.

It is just pure common sense.

Anyway, if you are elderly....DO NOT go near a ferry.
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Well aren't we a bunch of happy campers.

Very divisive this 'lets UK' into France for a holiday debate.

Wear your mask Mint, wear your mask.

Timouth (you get that Wooly), get a life mate. Get a life.

We will have this debate again in November when everyone is complaining they can't go out and get a haircut. Or a blue rinse for the case of wooly.
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I've been locked down in Ceredigion which has very few cases, and I'm dithering about going home to Dept 61 which also has very few cases. If I could be beamed up this end and land the other I wouldn't hesitate. It's the journey that's putting me off. I don't want to using public tolets and spending time in confined spaces breathing the same air as loads of strangers from places that aren't as "clean" as Ceredigion and Orne.

Well, that combined with the fact I'm old and my lungs are shot...
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The results are good and low in our department the Loir et Cher, as according to my mate the plumber who is our neighbour the results are low because they aren't doing any testing.??

On a serious note our nephew who is a neurologist doing research said on the BBC world service on Friday that they are worried about physiological problems they've noticed occurring in young people with COVID. So keep on partying and protesting peeps you've been warned, it's your choice.
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"BBC world service on Friday that they are worried about physiological problems they've noticed occurring in young people with COVID"

I'm worried about psychological problems that seem to be occurring in young people wihout COVID.

I don't think the UK is a good place to be a young person at the moment.

OMG I'm starting to sound like ALBF!
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