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Portsmouth Caen Ferry


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Have any forum members traveled on the Portsmouth Caen route since the return to service and would they like to share their experience on how well Brittany Ferries have implemented the anti Covid procedures and sanitising and if they felt safe.
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Somebody on another forum travelled on Monday on the 2.45 ferry from Portsmouth to Caen with reserved seating. He sad that face masks had to be worn at all times, although on deck some people didn’t wear them.

He reported from on board that they had been asked to arrive earlier than originally requested. Boarding cards were different colours, relating to where cars were parked and times to go to the café.

There was a one way queuing system for ordering drinks and contactless pay was preferred, some tables had crosses on them, not to be used and the snack bar/pizza place was open.

They didn’t sit in their reserved seating, preferring to sit on deck near a wifi zone.

He said it was very quiet, he thought most people had gone straight to their cabins and stayed there, and he said it wasn’t the unpleasant experience he had expected.
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Well, the last time I was on BF was coming home to France at the beginning of March. Two weeks before lockdown.

That is where we caught the virus I am sure.

There is no way in a million years I would get back on a ferry before a vaccine has been created.

A ferry is no different to a cruise ship.

Go tunnel OP.
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GG’s report is just what I’ve been hearing. No reason to be concerned I’d say - the ships are operating at 50% of their normal capacity in order to comply with the necessary distancing.

Having said that, I’m inclined to agree with ALBF and if it was me, I’d go via Eurotunnel. It really does depend on your start and end point though.

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Just for GG TIM17...and anyone else who thinks it is funny, my OH was really quite ill.

I said at the time that anyone over 60 would have gone to hospital.

Daughter ALBF, baby ALBF and ALBF himself just had a rough 4 days.

Son ALBF...completely untouched. Work that out.

I notice there is an a big out break of Covid in Mayenne. I wonder where that started from.

Stay away from ferries if you like living.
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Last of a generation Wolly.


Who is going to wipe your bum when you can't do it yourself ? LOl.

BTW...we don't have much family allowance baby.

That is a myth.
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Well that is not quite right, birth rate in Africa is expected to go up three fold, as if that is what Africa needs? What, will we get even more adverts trying to get us to send money for water, medical care, blah blah blah etc etc. What did happen to all those contributions I made years ago, that sometimes I could ill afford?

I watch CNN quite often, lots on there about thriving Africa and I wonder what sort of adverts the wealthy Africans see and how much they sponsor the poor on their Continent.

I am DELIGHTED that the birth rate is going down in general. And the sooner we have less people on this planet the better.

Re getting old, well, if we have lost our marbles, which is a state that horrifies me, or are that old that we need constant nursing that we cannot clean our selves, then that idea also appals me, and I would hope that the rules change and that my parting, at least, would be on my terms.

I have seen first hand how ill a person can get, cared for them, and I would not have left my dog or cat in that state, but apparently it is OK for humans to be, which to me is simply plain wrong and cruel.

Thanks ALBF, I am now well on my high horse and no argument will change my point of view on this.

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