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Moissac a town which sheltered Jews in WW2 votes a Maire RN


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Béziers has a Maire who is RN to all intents and purposes, but hasn't the courage of his convictions. Last  time he was elected with the  support of the RN but this time round he  didn't need that as he ideas are all too clear.

A major element here is the large number of 'pieds noirs' prominent in the town. The issue of Algeria is still near the surface.

Another is  that for a long time  the  regional economy  was based on producing low grade wine for the workers, and so there is an in-turned attitude, protective of its own 'terroir', and unlike higher-class wine regions there was no tradition of trading with  abroad  to open minds.

A very high level of unemployment and relative "poverty ",  at least in French terms,  coupled with a very low level of educational achievement is another factor.

It is also  a major drug centre

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