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Are Ragondin Telepathic


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Yes, I heard it on the radio this morning.

Another one both in France and the UK is the American freshwater crayfish, does very similar things to river banks and eats everything in sight. Wildlife trusts and other groups are trapping thousands of them a week in the UK in an attempt to control them (eradicate would be good). The problem with these is that they were introduced intentionally and there is some suspicion that they are being spread around in the waterways for "illicit farming" as they can be eaten and sold for profit, vigorous breeders as well. 

Unfortunately, France is so poorly organised / behind the times, that no such program of removal exists here.



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When we lived in Kenya, many, many years ago, Lake Naivasha had been infested with the American freshwater crayfish.  We were never sure whether they had been introduced deliberately or not but shortly after it became common knowledge that they were there, a Gov't Minister (or a family member) was granted exclusive rights to catch and market them.

We used to scuba dive in the lake and the volumes of them were amazing and yet they almost appeared from nowhere.  First we had never heard of them and 6 or 8 months later they were crawling in places 6 deep and perfectly prepared to eat each other.  The monkeys seemed to like them as well.  We, of course, were perfectly prepared to force ourselves to eat them, especially barbequed  on the island straight from the water.


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