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As someone who is hoping to retire to France in the next 12 months, and also is pathologically afraid of snakes, frogs, toads etc can anyone tell me if snakes et al are prevalent in Nord de Calais/Picardy area? I am not familiar with their chosen territories (warm/colder areas) and would welcome comments from Forum members. Yes, I know it sounds silly but I would never live anywhere near water (except the sea) for fear of having the darn things crawl over my lawn. And I know its a phobia but I've had it for over 50 years and it won't go away!!!! I've been reading the posts on Western France, in particular the Vendee where some fellow had a snake 1.8 m long on his garden wall. I would have been back in the UK before the snake turned over if that  was my home!!  Any comments warmly welcomed.


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