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Stupid, stupid blackbird.

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We have one. Well, "have" is a bit strong really: it lives in the garden at the French house, and WILL NOT stop perching on the handle of the rear glass door, messing everywhere, and attacking it's image in the glass.

I've fixed a VERY wobbly bit of conduit to the handle, bright yellow in colour. No effect.

I've put criss-crosses of masking tape on the glass. No effect.

How can I dissuade the stupid thing? I'd thought of a large pic of an owl on the inside, but a twitcher friend says it won't work. Wife doesn't want the "handle conduit" made into an anti-bird perch with stiff wire spines, for obvious reasons.

Any suggestions?


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An idea that might work and is similar to your owl idea.


There are window stickers available which are the black silhouette of a hawk.  These are primarily to stop birds (and humans) colliding with closed glass opennings, but it may just also deter your balckbird from coming so close.










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It's hormones will eventually subside - or he'll get sick of this one-sided posturing - and he'll get bored and stop. We used to have a roadside mirror to help us get out of our drive on top of a hill. The mirror was mounted on a wall pillar and for several years, a blackbird used to scream abuse at itself for about a week in spring before losing interest.
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