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Sort my electrics, but mind my wildlife please !!!!

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Just  thought I would share with you a humerous email ,I have had to seriously send my electrician.I am having some work done in my house and I am not there, have had to warn him to block the hole up between the kitchen and the cellar each night as I have a family of dormice in the cellar (Iam sure they are dormice , have bush tales and white throats) cannot possibly share my kitchen as well with them,and also can he use the stable door on the kitchen as I have had a toad who insists on spending each evening with us in the kitchen, O.K if I am there but could not stand to think of him trapped in the kitchen, also if he hears noises in the fireplace, it will be the barn owl, she has raised 7 sets of twins in our chimney and they do not come out until the middle of August and then she retires to the barn. she shuffles round a lot whilst sitting on her eggs so please dont disturb her.I hope he understands , its France after all !!!!!!!
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Your electrician, being French, will probably eat the dormice, ignore the toad, and shoo the barn owl away if it disturbs HIM!!

Only joking.

We have a barn owl, it roosts and makes a right mess in the barn we keep the caravan in, usually ON the caravan.......which now has to have a tarp over it!.

Oh well, it was there first. Caravans clean.


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