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Scale Insect and ants

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Having read all the previous posts I dread asking for help in killing scale insects and the ants that seem to be tending them so lovingly!

What I'm concerned about is that I've taken precautions about getting scale insect in the house, but yesterday I couldn't believe my eyes to see a whole bush covered in the things, and its only just below our balcony and the plants I've always protected so...

Any ideas, I tried washing up liquid etc yesterday, but it was like water off a ducks back - yes, I started to pick them off, but that is going to take me a lifetime...

Any other ideas...

Oh, and ants, the garden is full of them.  Yellow ones, red ones, little black ones and enormous black ones.  I saw some killer in Champion this pm, but it says not suitable for domestic animals.  Mr Tim (cat) is resident in France and uses garden, so I put the packet back on the shelf.  I may go and buy it tomorrow, and keep the cat in...  But any ideas greatfully received, except for don't kill the ants etc!!!!

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I dont know if you can get this in france but you need an insecticidal soap or Malathion, or the one I prefer and found it works is a systemic insecticide like heptenophos, it is much easier than the first one as you water it into the plant and it sucks it up and as they suck on the leaf it kills them, the other one you spray on which is very hit and miss, the systemic one needs to be done as soon as you can as this time of year plants suck up more water than the rest of the year hence it will hit them quicker. they are very hard to get rid of so do it a couple of times . the only over way is to cut off and butn all the bits with them on and hope it grows back next year.What plant are they on? they seem to love my lemon trees

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