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Paradise Lost?

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It looks as it we are about to lose our little bit of paradise.  All day I have seen and heard the mowers and the chainsaws and we are losing the fields of long grass and flowers and also the pines (so far) from the lovely little bits of woodland around us.  The last two years we have been lucky I suppose.  Our dear old landlady had just left everything as it was and anyway, the hay was too poor for anyone to bother with.  Sadly, she has Parkinsons and after a few falls, her family have moved her into a Maison Retraite and I guess they are doing the new broom thing and fair enough,  it must cost a bomb to keep her there and after all, farmland is for farming.  Still,  it's sad as we had got used to walking in the fields and woods amongst the flowers and the beasties and we will miss them.  I worry most about the woods.  It's not too much of a problem if they only harvest the pines but they are mixed woods and also have lots of young oaks and some sweet chestnuts.  If they decide to clear it all, what will happen to all the deer and the sanglier, the lizards and hedgehogs, the foxes..............?

The orchids have already gone.  I hope they had had time to set seed before they were cut.



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That sounds so sad. You should move to the Gers where there are endless hectares of wild mostly oak woods on the sides and crests of the rows of hills which spread down from the Pyrenees. There is some clearing going on, but as yet not enough to make much difference. Pat.
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