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Very large grub


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We just found (well our cat did actually) a very large grub / caterpillar in our garden. It's about 12cm long and 3 cm diameter. Its grey / brown with black markings that look like big eyes!

It looks just like the wichitty (?) grubs they eat on 'I'm a celebrity....'.!

Does anyone know what it is??
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Hi Cat,

No - it wasn't one of these. It was definately dark brown / grey and had defined 'feet' like suckers in the middle of the underbelly and 'thorn' like sticky out bits at each end.....???

I have a photo but dont now how to attach!
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It sounds like the grub of an Oak Beetle they are amazing things living on rotting wood for over three years as the wood gives so little nourishment.

They should be looked after if you have no dead wood pop it in your compost bin.

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