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Sneaky snake..

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I was working away in my workshop when I was rudely yelled at to come out QUICKLY by SWMBO! Outside on our drive was a beautiful snake, about a yard or so long. I've had a look on Chris' site and can't identify it? Not venemous as far as I can see by the round eyes and it ain't a Montpellier either, I don't think so anyway.

Any ideas anyone. I encouraged it to go elsewhwere, very gently, with a longish stick. 20 minutes later I got another call and there were a second one crossing the gravel. Just touched that ones tail as well and it suddenly remembered an appointment nextdoor..



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That is the one Loiseau. Spot on and if I had read Chris' description it lays it out perfectly.

The 2 were really lovely and moved so very gracefully. They may even be the owners of a couple of unexplained holes at the back of our garden? We will keep a close eye out for them and tell our neighbours that if they see them not to harm them. The French seem to kill all snakes they see, so does at least one of our English friends!

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However inoffensive they may be, they don't half make you jump when you find one under the ivy when you are hand-weeding...   Well, the one we found a few years back was an adder so we were right to jump, but we did let it glide away.  Yours looks very elegant.


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