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I have a fairly natural pond in the garden, and this year we have about a dozen enormous tadpoles.  They are around 4 inches long, with very large bodies and smallish tails.

They are not newt tadpoles (efts) as there are no external gills.  Anyway, I believe newt tadpoles are small.

Can some-one please help with identifying them, and advise on what to do if they are not a native species?


By the way, I Googled "huge tadpoles" and they are not as big as the ones you see on Herp Nation - which is a relief! - give yourself a treat (?) and have a look!

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Lack of iodine will cause frog tadpoles to fail to transform into frogs.  They will grow into very large tadpoles, and are capable of living for several years, I believe.  But lack of iodine seems an improbable state of affairs in a natural pond in Gascony.

You could try giving them a nice piece of meat to nibble…

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