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Anybody know what this nice chap (or chapess) is called?

Along with all the usual suspects (the bees and other butterflies), two of these have been around the lavender for the last couple of days. Beautiful things - 3x the size of the other butterflies.  


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Don't know Pacha.  Can't say I have noticed them before, at least not in the old house.

Mind you, we have lot sof plants loved by insects here: buddleia, canna lillies, acanthus.

Also, I haven't as yet sorted out my "bird" problem as the occasional one is still flying straight into our glassed veranda.  Have hung a couple of CDs up but still needing some mobiles or similar.

Looked up mobiles on the internet.  They are not too expensive but the postage charges make your eyes water.

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The bees were stroppy tonight!

All the other plants (not so much the lavender, which gets on fine) needed a good soak and with nothing forecast, I set off. By that time (18.00) the butterflies had gone off, but the bees were still at it. Well put out they were.

Seriously, they're fantastic. You can be within 50cm of half a dozen of them and they won't trouble you. Much more interested in the flowers.

There are 20+ hives about 400m away and I guess that's where they return to at night.  

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