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Raw deal for protected species in France?

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I do hope someone can tell me they have it wrong.........having accompanied friends to a meeting at the Mairie about a planning application it was explained that a protected species for example the little green frog "rennet" only has its habitat protected if its in the "Zone protected". So the protection for whatever animal that is "protected" is not worth the paper its written on because if its habitat is outside the "protection zone" that habitat can be destroyed. Conclusion would be if you destroyed its usual habitat you will eventually wipe the creature out.Yes?
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If you check out the attached link


you should be able to find out the regs pertaining to both protected species and protected habitat.

Having said that remember that the UK's  interpretation of the European Legislation may well differ from the French interpretation!

Hope you have plenty of time for reading.


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Thank you Grumpy for the link, we have found the EU directive re habitat . And thank you for taking this seriously (more than some others!)

We ( and lots of French locals) are desperately (perhaps clutching at straws) trying to come up with reasons why its a bad idea to destroy 54 hectares of good agricultural land already used as bio production, this land supports so much wildlife at present and including a number of protected species. But as stated previous because the land itself is not designated "protected" it appears irrelevant that it is supporting protected species. So we are all clubbing together to get a barrister specializing in the subject. But we also are trying to find any EU legislation that might help.

They (big company) are hoping to extract minerals (too complex to go into) over the land for the next 30 years!
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