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Hornet, but which make?


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I realise that it isn't a very good photo, but it was a close as I was prepaired to get to the nest without being in my car...


I think that it's about 1 1/2" long and is nesting about 20 foot up in a plane tree.

Any ideas as to what type it is please? European or Asian? Cause if it's Asian I need to inform someone..

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Unfortunately Loirette they don't seem to be all the same? Not if this lot is anything to go by?


Sorry about the long link[:$]

As to getting close enough to get a really good look, the nest is in the hollow, upward facing, of a big platan tree and at least 20 foot up[:-))]

This may show it better?


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[quote user="bettyboop"]Is it a Frelon?


Certainly a frelon BB, but what kind? If it's one of our Asian friends then I need to inform someone, 'cause it ain't a nice friend to have in  the village and will destroy any bees nests it finds...

I will definately be VERY carefull Loirette.

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