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I have a buyer for my smaller property and am selling privately.

Is there a procedure anywhere I can follow in order to complete the transaction? Can I download the compromis de vente from the net, fill it in and send it to the buyer? Once he has signed it, does he then send it to the notaire?

It's basically an old barn and I bought it 3 years ago. Do I need to get any reports done, or can I use the ones from 3 years ago? The buyer is English and an aquaintance.

Of course, I'm doing all this from the USA, so it's a little harder than normal.

Any advice or pointers gratefully accepted.
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My advice, if you have received a written offer (on ordinary paper) from your buyer, is to agree which Notaire to use, and to contact him/her and then send all the available information you have - such as your original 'titre de propriété' (title deeds) from when you bought it three years ago. The Notaire will need all this information - cadastral reference etc plus full details of the buyer - in order to prepare the 'compromis de vente' for signature by you and your buyer. You will need the Notaire anyway to complete the sale and his/her handling the 'compromis' will not cost any extra ('frais de notaire' including taxes etc paid by the buyer). A 'compromis de vente' is a complex document, almost identical to the eventual 'acte de vente' and not something you could easily draw up yourself.

Hope this helps - P-D de R.

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I agree with the above - use a notaire as they are liable for the content of their contract. What if you filled in something wrong?

Whether you come away with the money he has offered you depends on whether you are liable for capital gains tax or not. How long have you had the place? Are you selling at a profit?
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