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Beekeeping Supplies in France


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Hi Pierre,

Beekeeping is good, I practice the old way of telling the bees the news- very important (even Terry Pratchett agrees). Our problem is our hives are the regular Uk Langstroth, here they seem to use Dadant hives (ruches). The frames sizes are different and at 100 euros a throw for a ruche, you see why we want to keep our existing type of hive. Also over here the wax foundation is not wired, you wire the wax to the frame via a 12volt battery & jump leads - I kid you not! We usuallu buy already wired wax in the Uk.

You can get a small nucleus of queen and workers and start from there. If you have a garden, have a hive!
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Hi Keni

My name is Paul moved over here xmas last year and have kept bees in uk for a few years was wanting to get some now Im over here make my own hives so thats not a problem for them but struggling to find anywhere local to supply bees I live in Bantard 87160 any ideas as I see you are same area



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