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HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello and Help Please

If the weather is warm like it is today like a lot of people the door to the Garden is open but today I've had a visitor "Twice" can you believe a "SWALLOW"   I have checked and it is definitely a swallow, blue black, white breast, red face and the long forked tail, my worry is if he wants to make his home here and I want the door closed he/she is going to be in trouble........ as beautiful as it is and to be so close I'm a little concerned I don't want it harmed, thinking of fitting up a bead hanger in the doorway to stop it entering, any thoughts?

Many thanks


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[quote user="powerdesal"]A bead curtain will probably work.

You could of course catch it and tell it to go back to Africa, cos it shouldn't be here at the moment !!!!!![/quote]

We've had a couple of swallows round here (Southern Auvergne) for more than a week. Are they really early? Or is it just spring that's late?

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