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Owl terrorising my cat !

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We have a new owl on the block. He is out all during the day (no idea if at night) and sits on top of my neighbours roof - that is until he sees my cat - he then dives for the cat.    The cat has now taken to scurrying across the ground ducking from cover to cover. I even caught him cowering when a sparrow flew over him yesterday. This may not be a bad thing; it may reduce the number of bird carcasses in the garden now he has clearly met his match!


However, I have been googling owls which come out during the day and cannot seem to see one which seems likely. He is a cute little thing - small (well probably not from a cat's pov), brown, no white markings. There was a chick around a week or so ago but haven't seen it for last few days, so not sure if it is a female protecting a brood.


We are in Limousin region - does anyone else have an owl that they see all day ?

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Well done - just got the binoculars out (and he/she tracked my every movement - beginning to see why the cat is so nervous!).


The picture looks spot-on with the colouring, eye shape, no discernible ears.   Very cute.    The only thing I would say is it doesn't just come out at dawn and dusk; it sits on one roof or another for 75% of the day, primarily in a chimney opening, where I assume her nest (if she is female and has a nest!) is.


Many thanks

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