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Can someone identify this butterfly?

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Hi, I read your post about the butterfly seen in the Gorges Du Chambon. We are looking for somewhere to go in our caravan for a few days. Have never been to the Gorges. Is it worth a visit. We like tranquility and nature.

Thanks, Wendy.
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Definately a fritillary but almost impossible to say without seeing the underside. If I had to take a stab I'd suggest the pearl-bordered fritillary as the markings nearer the central part of the body are paler but the underside has the "pearls".


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 Thanks for posting this photo - how did you get it to stay still! (realise that this is not a recent post). Have been trying to identify the same creature for 2 years. Saw them again this year (near Agen) along with Scarce Swallowtails (much easier to identify) and European Mantis . Their colouring is much more vivid than the books and other identifying images give credit.

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