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We had one visit the garden this morning in a quite dramatic way. First there was a loud band from the mezanine window, followed by a shower of feathers! It woke us up rather smartly from breakfast. Then just the other side of the swimming pool there she was, complete with a ring neck dove!!!



It was almost the same size as her and she couldn't take off with it untill she had plucked a load of feathers off. I videoed some of it and as soon as I stopped she was up and away with enough grub to keep her happy for today at least.

I do like sparrow hawks. Not too keen on ring neck doves though although she was [6]

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Thanks for the photos, John.  Can be right scary things, Sparrowhawks - and she's a 'Big Girl' [:)]

We have one here who visits here occasionally, targetting the innocents squabbling over the bird feeders.  She (I think it is a female ...) sometimes uses people as a bit of cover: the first you know she's there is the rush of wings as she passes just over your head, striking before her targets can give the alarm ...

Glad I'm not a Great Tit ...[+o(]

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