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Egg ident please?


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Yesterday afternoon SWMBO was working in the garden, pruning our 70m pyrocanther hedge [:-))] She came back in the house with a complete white egg that she had found underneath one of  the pines close to the hedge.

It is plain white, normal egg shaped, not longer or more round, and it measures 50 X 35 mm. I can't see any sign of a nest either in the hedge or the tree by where it was found. Plus, what the hell is an egg doing around at this time of the year???

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+1 to pigeon, most probably Wood.  The egg looks like this:


It's one of the characteristics of (some species of) pigeons that they will continue to breed so long as there is food around.  Which is one of the reasons why there are so many in towns, where the 'Gentle Folk' love to drop their unfinished MacDo's etc ...  (Different species of pigeon, mind: town pigeons are feral descendants of a true species, Rock Dove, Columbia livia).

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